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Providing Affordable One-on-One Outplacement  

We specialize in providing organizations with affordable one-on-one individual outplacement services to offer to their downsized employees located throughout the country.

In today's challenging economy, downsized employees need more support than can be provided in a 1-day group seminar or even a month long outplacement program. We offer 5 different outplacement options to meet your needs -- each featuring 3 months or more of support. All of our outplacement options are individual outplacement programs (not group outplacement) and each includes
one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant.

Our outplacement packages are often priced below other options while providing more comprehensive services than shorter term outplacement programs, programs that don't include one-on-one career coaching time, 1 or 2-day group seminar outplacement programs, and strictly self-directed online outplacement options.

We work with downsized employees located throughout the country, providing outplacement virtually or remotely using a combination of one-on-one telephone consultations and web-based online tools. Whether you are downsizing 1 or 100's of employees, we can provide your company with the means to offer them effective, affordable outplacement services.

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about each of our 5 outplacement packages including details about what is included with each package as well as pricing information by requesting our outplacement brochure:

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Our Outplacement Packages

We offer 5 Outplacement Packages starting at $795 to meet the needs of all types of downsized employees from senior executives to hourly personnel -- each featuring 3 months or more of support. All of our outplacement packages include one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant.

Depending on the outplacement package you select, we provide your downsized employee with:

  • Individual outplacement (not group seminar outplacement)
  • A minimum of 3 months of support (6 and 12-month options are also available)
  • One-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant to help them with any aspect of their job search
  • A resume written by a professional resume writer
  • A cover letter to highlight their strengths
  • Access to a 24/7 online career portal
  • An online career assessment tool to provide career direction
  • A personalized salary report to aid them in salary negotiations
  • An online interactive interview practice tool
  • Resume posting to the top online career sites
  • Electronic distribution of their resume to recruiters

All of our Outplacement Packages include one-on-one consultation time with a Career Transition Consultant.

To learn more about the outplacement packages we offer including pricing, click here.

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